Thailand Villas and Vacation Rentals

Thailand villas  Thailand Holiday House has one simple mission: to present vacationers with a hand-picked shortlist of Thailand villas and vacation rentals in Thailand, assuring them of an enjoyable holiday. Our Thailand villas top list is regularly updated, based upon actual guest feedback and reliably strong reviews.

Thailand villas across the kingdom

With so much geographical and regional variety in Thailand, we present our Thailand villas on a region by region basis. This approach, we feel, most easily allows holidaymakers to choose a Thai villa based upon the type of holiday experience they seek. A Thailand villa holiday in Phuket or Samui will in all likelihood be a beach based vacation, where guests seek tropical beaches, swaying palms, good shopping, an active nightlife and a wealth of Thai and international restaurants. At the opposite end of the scale are rural Thailand villas in the north or northeast of the kingdom, which offer a genuine experience of traditional Thai life, with authentic architecture, direct contact with the locals, and a real sense of place.

Simply select your chosen region from our menu above to find the Thailand villas that are right for you, be this for a single property stay or for a holiday that mixes a stay in a number of villas.

Thailand villas without the risks

Thailand holiday House strongly believes that presenting hundreds of Thailand villas to holidaymakers, far from making their choice of vacation rental easier, in fact only serves to make selecting the perfect property more cumbersome. Our Thailand villas have been picked by hand, based either upon a personal knowledge of the villa and its owner, or upon visits or recommendations from consistently reliable sources, known to us in person.

Being based in Thailand and travelling across the country frequently, we can ensure that the Thailand villas we recommend will guarantee a great vacation - something that generic listing sites simply cannot achieve. In a nutshell, we aim to take the effort and guesswork out of choosing the perfect Thai villa for your next holiday in the kingdom.

Undecided? Let us help you pick the Thailand villas that are right for you

Our focus is on Thailand villas that will be the cornerstone of your next vacation. We are fully aware that your choice of villa is perhaps the most important decision you will make in respect of your Thailand vacation - you will eat, sleep, relax with friends and family, and explore your neighborhood - all from your villa base. In addition, the vacation rental you choose will most probably have the greatest impact on your holiday budget.

Do browse our selection of Thailand vacation rentals, read about the local areas, and get an idea of what we can offer. Should you be unsure of which destination or villa will be right for you (Phuket? Chiang Rai? Udon Thani? Samui?...)  simply drop us an email and let us know what kind of villa experience you are seeking, for how many guests, and let us have an indication of  the kind of price range you prefer. We will then be happy to get back in touch with you with our suggestions. The more you tell us about your group and wishes, the easier it will be for us to suggest the perfect match for you.

After all, we have always found that matching the right guests to the right property is the best way to ensure that everyone takes away happy memories from their holiday here.

I've looked at your Thailand villas - but still prefer a hotel

Maybe you are travelling to Thailand alone. Maybe you only plan to stay only one night. Or perhaps, you have simply decided that a Thai vacation rental is not right for you. A simple hotel or resort booking is probably the best way to go.

While we do not review Thai hotels and resorts or make specific recommendation on which one to choose, we can recommend that you make your choice easier and get the best rate by checking our Thailand hotels page. It will point you in the right direction to choosing a hotel that will best answer your needs.