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How to book your Thailand holiday rental

We aim to make booking your chosen holiday villa or vacation rental both as easy and as secure as possible. Our property owners have been selected for their reactivity and attention to detail, as well as for their trustworthiness.

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If you would like to book a holiday at one or more of our recommended Thai vacation rentals, please feel free to contact us directly by email, via our online form, or by telephone.

For bookings, please mention:

  • - Your name
  • - Your email address (please ensure it's typed correctly)
  • - Your selected property / properties
  • - Arrival date
  • - Number of nights
  • - Number of guests

We will get back to you promptly!

Terms and conditions Should you decide to proceed with your booking, the owner of your chosen property will contact you directly to answer any additional questions you may have and to confirm any deposit or related details. Deposit payment (if any) is to be made directly to the owner. You owe Thailand Holiday House no fees for this service (and we regret we cannot accept deposits on behalf of owners.)

Do please let us know after your stay how you enjoyed your holiday and send us your comments: this helps to ensure any properties listed here guarantee excellent service and vaule for money. Thank you!

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Booking direct avoids the pitfalll of directory listings

Booking a holiday rental in Thailand, or elsewhere, is best done directly with a trusted owner. Not only will you not pay an inflated price to cover the commission charged by large rental listing sites, but you are assured that the chosen villa and owner are absolutely genuine.