Thailand hotels and Thai resorts - can I book myself?

How to book a Thailand hotel with peace of mind

Of course! If you know which hotel you want to book, then simply follow the link below to make a booking, or contact any of the front office staff at the hotel itself. If you are looking for a new hotel in a destination that you are not familiar with, then do read the section below.

Finding the Thailand hotel or Thai resort that is right for you

Choosing a hotel or resort in Thailand can be a daunting experience. We do not provide a hotel booking service ourselves, but are happy to recommend a solution!

Countless websites offer online hotel reservations for hotels and resorts in Thailand, although many are not professionally managed and propose an endless list of hotels and resorts without regard to the quality of the service offered, and do not offer genuinely discounted rates.

We have found that the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective hotel booking site is and we highly recommend their services, offering a wide selection of hotels and resorts throughout Thailand and the world, at competitive rates and in quality-controlled, carefully selected properties. They have a 24 hour helpline, online availability checking, the most competitive rates, regularly updated & attractive special offers, and a secure booking system. An excellent feature is the possibility of narrowing down hotels by area in a city (such as selecting only riverside hotels in Bangkok), or via thier interactive map.

Simply choose or narrow down your Thailand hotel search to the destinations below:

Hotel Deals in Thailand - Just choose your destination

And remember, you can always use Tripadvisor to double check any hotel you select.