Seeking the perfect Thailand vacation rental

Why we established Thailand Holiday House

We'll tell you about the hidden gems of Thailand: holiday homes with character and style, or simply Thai vacation rentals that offer outstanding value for money.

Thailand vacation rentals: Book in confidence

We had made numerous trips to Asia and specifically to Thailand as holidaymakers, and fell in love with a country that has so much to offer - from its mountains to its beaches, from its extremely diverse and varied cuisine to its hospitable people... to its excellent shopping! As we returned more and more often, we wanted to get away from the homogeneity of hotels and delve a little deeper into the country.

Whilst holiday homes or villas were impossible to find in the past, a growth in the number of visitors to the country and second house owners made the vacation home and villa market a reality. We wanted to make it easier for other visitors seeking a different experience of the kingdom to be able to find a number of selected properties via a site focusing predominantly on Thailand, rather than on a mishmash of villas spread across the world.

Later, and now based permanently in Thailand, the idea for this site was born. We hope that it appeals to a wide range of travelers, from those looking for a luxury villa with a private pool to those seeking a more simple holiday home. Choose a holiday rental villa in Thailand from among those we feature and book in confidence. We consistently seek feedback from holidaymakers to ensure that the welcome they receive either met or exceeded their expectations. We also visit our listed holiday rentals in Thailand and Bali on a regular basis to ensure that listings are accurate and fair.

All we would ask is that after your holiday, you send us a quick review of the property - as feedback received directly from vacationers is the most helpful to us in assuring the quality of our listed holiday rentals.

Bali vacation rentals: our friends' own Bali villas

We also detail some very special holiday villas to rent in Ubud and in Jimbaran in Bali - a place to which we have returned regularly to enjoy a slower pace of life, tasty Indonesian food and fresh seafood cooked on the beach. The Jimbaran pool villas detailed on our Bali page are owned by personal friends who we know will assure a warm welcome to anyone visiting the Island of the Gods for a Bali Hai holiday . Likewise, the Ubud Villas detailed on our Bali Holiday Villas rental page comprise the perfect Ubud getaway, affording visitors the chance to meld privacy, peace and style with the bustle and creativity of the town of Ubud itself.

Better family holidays in Thailand

A Thailand family holiday, when spent in a hotel, holds no candle to a family vacation spent in your own holiday home. Your family holiday is about togetherness, but also about privacy - and is often a short and valued time spent with children you seem to see less and less as they grow up. With your own kitchen, you will not be obliged to shell out on expensive hotel meals but can enjoy cooking yourselves, visiting local eateries, or indeed enjoying the delicious meals prepared for you by your villa chef.

Try a private pool villa holiday in Thailand and you'll never want to book yourself back into room 1505 at that 7 storey hotel!